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Dec 20

Happy Holidays From InterChez – Track Santa!

Aug 04

Upcoming NMFC Density Changes

Jul 10

Foreign Trade Zones and Why You Should Use Them

Jun 08

Recent RAE Changes for Spanish Translation

Apr 27

The Value of an Accurate Commercial Invoice

Mar 20

Your Logistics Bracket

Feb 22


While EDI still has some advantages, it will not be long before API data exchange becomes standard in the logistics industry. EDI simply cannot compete with the visibility, security, and efficiency that APIs provide. If you haven’t started thinking about how your company can begin adapting to the API revolution, now is the time to […]

Nov 15

Accessorial Charges

What are accessorial charges? They are extra fees included on freight invoices for performing services beyond normal pickup and delivery from point A to point B.  Accessorial charges can be found in the carrier’s rules tariff. If you know your shipment will include one or more of these fees, you should outline the fees up […]

Oct 16

To Localize or Not to Localize

When releasing your product or service into a global marketplace the decision on whether to localize or not can mean the difference between success and failure.   Investing in localization is essential to effectively communicating with foreign audiences when conducting business abroad. If you have any questions or would like more information on localization or […]

Sep 19

Vessel Sharing Agreements: Why Your Non-Hanjin Shipment Might be Stuck

In the wake of Hanjin Shipping’s collapse, shippers and importers were left wondering about the fate of roughly 500,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent units). This may have surprised some shippers because they did not actually book with Hanjin, yet their freight was still stuck on one of these “ghost ships.” This is because of vessel sharing […]

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